We take pride in being

Creators of award-winning content for top brands across business sectors in GCC and India.

Architects of websites and mobile applications that cater to million+ daily active users.

Developers of machine learning models that helped in cross-selling products across customer segments.

Experienced in successful digital transformation of fortune 100 companies.

Why use Data Science and Technology in digital marketing?

Remember the ad on the social or search platform that you came across and it felt like it was curated exclusively for you.

That ad used the most advanced data science techniques to identify you from amongst millions of users. It had a perfect blend of creativity, data science and technology working for it.

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Finished Projects

As a strategic partner to our clients, we help them with

  • Establishing data science driven digital marketing campaigns that use customized digital analytics dashboards.
  • Developing interactive websites and mobile applications that drive genuine traffic
  • Creating brand awareness through digital PR and communication
  • Building mathematical models that drive conversions for brands and products

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