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Energy Ekonomiks is a Dubai-based digital marketing agency founded and run by experts in data science and digital marketing.

Our Definition

Data is a force that exists in and influences all things digital. It is the most essential input for any digital organization’s development and is the primary source of all transformations.

Data is the Energy in Energy Ekonomiks. After spending years learning the art of digital data collection, wrangling and analysis we are here to help you scale up your digital business.


Our vision is to positively impact the digital growth of our clients using the power of data and our skills to make business sense out of that data.

We are on a mission to empower our clients in running successful digital campaigns on a flip-of-a-dime through our expertise in data science, technology, and creative marketing.

What we do at Energy Ekonomiks…

At Energy Ekonomiks we use demographic and browsing behaviour metrics to learn what real buyers think, say, and feel about a product or a service.

We treat these metrics using machine learning techniques to obtain the most motivated segment of buyers who are “Actively searching for products or services”.

We generate leads by reaching out to target audiences who are genuinely interested in your product or service.