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    Digital Marketing

    We help our clients with lead generation, awareness, sales, and engagement campaigns.

    We optimize media campaigns and generate traffic and leads that have a very high intent-to-buy by using a combination of mathematical techniques, technology, and creativity.

    We set up a near-ideal sales funnel for digital marketing campaigns by using owned, earned, paid, and shared media channels.

    Our digital marketing campaigns are goal-driven where goals are achieved by growth hacking, smart bidding, and optimized content distribution.

    Data Science

    Our data science and machine learning models are applied in digital media marketing to identify & segment target audiences, enhance search engine optimization, customer segmentation and predictive analysis to qualify & prioritize leads.

    Digital Analytics

    From website metrics to user behaviour, from CTR to conversion rate, from a radio of generated leads to sales qualified lead, our digital analytics methods capture it all. We optimize your products after capturing and studying this data resulting in an increase in your sales numbers.

    Digital PR & Influencer Marketing

    Focusing on major news outlets in the region & globally, well-established connections with top websites & media professionals, collaborating with influencers online to promote your products or services and increase your brand awareness.

    Creative Brand Marketing

    We build the blueprint for your brand/ product from market penetration and development strategy to product development and diversification. Increase brand recognition by using creative messages which resonate with your brand, social media content, infographic videos, visual content, blogs, newsletter, website and app design, interactive content, vfx, CGI motion grading and high-end interactive services.

    Web and Mobile Development

    We transform your brand with high-end technological advancements by creating Mobile and web applications for Android and iOS via HTML/CSS and modern frameworks; PHP, JavaScript, Python, and other programming languages; and modern back-end technologies.